Friday, March 9, 2012

Aurora Borealis Winter Train Trip

So before we make the big move back down to Texas in May, we decided to take a great Alaskan adventure in the interior. We flew up to Anchorage the day before the ceremonial start of the iditarod and were lucky enough to see a few mushers setting up before we hopped the Alaskan Railroad to Fairbanks. Our train trip was amazing. The winter setting was beautiful with so much snow and ice. We were also lucky enough to see quite a few moose, a herd of caribou and some Dall sheep. After spending a night in Fairbanks, where we walked to a delish Italian restaurant in the -20F weather, we headed 60 miles out of town to Chena Hot Springs Resort. This place was supposed to be a great place to see the lights. It did not disappoint! We were lucky enough to see a short but wonderful Aurora display the first night we were there (while standing outside in the -28 degree weather!). The next day it began snowing and proceeded to dump about 26 inches of snow the next two nights, so no visibility = no lights to see. While we were at Chena we enjoyed the natural hot springs, took a dog sled ride, checked out the ice museum/ice bar, and took a snow coach to check out the lights at a better vantage point up the mountain. Was such a cool trip! Here are just a few pictures of our adventure.

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